9 Best High Ticket Fitness Affiliate Programs That Can Make You Rich

Fitness affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn some good money online among all side hustles. 

But not all affiliate programs are equally profitable, as an online entrepreneur, you need to focus on high-ticket sales to maximize your profit.

high ticket fitness affiliate programs

In today's article, we will show you the top 9 best high-ticket fitness affiliate programs that can make you rich. 

By partnering with these top-notch programs, you'll have the opportunity to earn big bucks while helping your audience achieve their fitness goals. 

So, without further ado, let's get started!

  • Titan Fitness Affiliate Programme
  • Diamondback Fitness Affiliate Programme
  • LifeSpan Affiliate Program
  • Life Fitness Affiliate Program
  • Bodybuilding.com Affiliate Program
  • Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program
  • Natalie Jill Fitness Affiliate Program
  • Net2Fitness Affiliate Programme
  • Fitness Factory Affiliate Program

These high-ticket affiliate programs offer generous commissions, innovative products, and top-notch support. 

By partnering with them, you can leverage their expertise and resources to grow your business and increase your earnings.

So if you're ready to take your fitness affiliate marketing to the next level, don't hesitate to explore these top-tier programs. 

With their help, you can achieve financial freedom and make a real impact in the fitness world.

Titan Fitness Affiliate Programme

Titan Fitness sells high-quality workout equipment such as racks, barbells, bikes, benches, free weights, and a gym.

Their products are intended to assist exercise lovers in constructing a professional-grade gym in their house, garage, or basement.

Why Should You Sell Titan Fitness As An Affiliate?

Titan Fitness is a top-notch provider of affordable, high-quality exercise equipment that's perfect for everyone from personal trainers to homeowners seeking a reliable and permanent gym setup. 

Plus, their lucrative fitness affiliate program offers an excellent base commission for every referral, making it an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to monetize their fitness-related content.

  1. 5% Commission
  2. 30-day cookie duration
  3. Bank Transfer, Payoneer, Check
  4. Possibility of receiving products for a review
  5. Best deals and affiliate Coupons are available for your audience
  6. Signup through the Impact Affiliate platform 

Diamondback Fitness Affiliate Programme

Diamondback Fitness has been in the indoor cycling equipment game for 40 years and its products are highly rated by leading consumer magazines.


Why Should You Sell Diamondback Fitness As An Affiliate?

Affiliates can take advantage of the program's commission rate, which is higher than the industry average at a staggering 10%, coupled with an extended cookie period that spans 365 days.

They offer an extensive warranty policy that affiliates can use to their advantage, adding further value to their sales pitch.

  1. 10% Commission
  2. 365-day cookie duration
  3. Signup through the Avantlink affiliate program

LifeSpan Fitness Affiliate Program

LifeSpan Fitness is your one-stop shop for premium fitness equipment that caters to your every need, whether you're at home, the gym, or even the office! 

Their collection includes top-of-the-line treadmills, treadmill desks, exercise bikes, and much more.


Why Should You Sell Lifespan Fitness As An Affiliate?

With every successful sale through their affiliate program, you stand to earn more than 6% commission! 

And for their top-performing affiliates, they offer even higher commission rates as a reward for their hard work.

  1. Get a 6%+ commission on every sale, with bonuses dependent on performance.
  2. High-priced products ranging from $99 to $2,500 or more
  3. 90-day cookie duration – you earn credit for late purchases.
  4. Payment will be sent by direct deposit through Impact Radius.
  5. Signup through Impact Affiliate Network

Life Fitness Affiliate Program

Life Fitness has been at it for over 45 years, creating products that benefit both gyms and workout enthusiasts. 

From top athletes to beginners, millions of people worldwide use Life Fitness equipment to enhance their lives every day. 

You can trust their gear since the best health clubs and athletic facilities worldwide use it, and their home exercise equipment is just as reliable and innovative as their commercial cardio and strength equipment.


Why Should You Sell Lifefitness As An Affiliate?

By promoting life fitness products, you can earn a commission of 8% or more on every sale you make. 

The average order value is over $3,000, so you have the potential to earn a significant amount of money with just one sale.

  1. Get 8% or more on every successful Sale.
  2. A high average order value of more than $3,000
  3. 30-day cookie duration - You earn credit even if someone purchases from your links within 30 days of seeing them.
  4. Bonus and incentives dependent on the performance Signup through Impact Affiliate Network

Bodybuilding Affiliate Program

Bodybuilding.com is the most popular and big online store that sells sports nutrition products. 

They get over 1.1 million visitors every day. You can help people save money by promoting deals on their products. 

And you can earn money for every sale you make!


Why Should You Sell Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs?

Are you interested in earning money by promoting Bodybuilding.com?

 As a new affiliate, you can earn an 8% commission on orders from new customers, and a 3% commission on orders from repeat customers.

 If you run a coupon website, you can earn a 2% commission on all transactions. Start earning today!

  1. The World's Most Popular Fitness Website
  2. Get up to 8% commission
  3. 30-day referral cookie duration
  4. Signup through the ShareASale affiliate network

Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program

Horizon Fitness is seriously killing it in the fitness equipment game! 

They're one of the top dogs when it comes to growing super fast and building up a killer reputation for their home workout gear. 

People go crazy for their stuff because it's built to last, won't break the bank, and can take whatever intense training routine you throw at it.

Their cardio equipment is straight-up award-winning. No wonder everyone from beginners to fitness fanatics is all over it. 

Whether you're just starting out, trying to stay on top of the latest fitness trends, or getting ready to crush your next big race, Horizon Fitness has got you covered


Why Should You Sell Horizon Fitness As An Affiliate?

With the Horizon Fitness affiliate program, you can hook up all those people who love working out at home with some really great products that fit their needs. 

And get this: the average order is usually over $1000, so you could make some serious cash if you can tap into this market. Basically, for each person you refer to Horizon Fitness, you can earn around $64.

  1. Get an 8% commission on all sales.
  2. Above $1000 in average order volume
  3. 30-day cookie duration
  4. Signup through impact.com

Natalie Jill Fitness Affiliate Program

If you're all about making a bank by helping others out, then you gotta get on board with the Natalie Jill Fitness affiliate program. 

It's one of the highest-paying fitness affiliate programs out there!

As an affiliate, you can make serious serious money we're talking anywhere from 30% to 50% commission on each sale that you qualify for. 

And what's even cooler is that you get to share Natalie Jill's amazing programs with others and change their lives.


Why Should You Sell Natalie Jill Fitness As An Affiliate?

The Natalie Jill affiliate program is off the hook when it comes to paying out commissions! 

Seriously, you could make anywhere from 30% to 50% commission on each sale that you rock. 

And the best part? You get paid out once a month through PayPal as long as your commissions hit at least $25. 

So make sure you've got a PayPal account set up before you sign up for the affiliate program.

  1. Earn 30% to 50% commission on all sales.
  2. Not necessary to have a website to become an affiliate
  3. Lifetime cookie duration
  4. Payment will be sent by Paypal once a month

ProForm Affiliate Program

For those looking to exercise with a lot of effort and intensity, ProForm is the brand they prefer. 

ProForm is the best at making exercise equipment that performs really well and has many new ideas. 

People worldwide like ProForm the most for working out at home.

ProForm is known for making the newest and best exercise equipment. 

ProForm is also number one in making home treadmill drive systems, cushioning, interactive training, and elliptical technology.


Why Should You Sell ProForm As An Affiliate?

ProForm offers innovative premium home fitness equipment the average order value is over $1,000! 

That means you can make some serious cash without even trying too hard. 

And if you join their affiliate program, you can earn a 7% commission on every sale made within 30 days.

  1. Earn 7% commission on all sales
  2. High average order value - between £800 - £900 as of 2021
  3. Low refund rate
  4. Cookie duration 30 Days

Fitness Factory Affiliate Program

The Fitness Factory sells different types of exercise equipment to people in America. 

They have machines for lifting weights, machines for getting your heart rate up, and machines for doing different exercises all in one place. 

If you work with them, they give you more money than usual for every sale you make. 

They give you 7.5% of the money they make, which is more than most affiliate programs give.


Why Should You Sell Fitness Factory Affiliate Program

They will give you 7.5% of the money they make, which is more than most companies give. 

You also get 30 days to make a sale and still get money for it. 

This can help you make more money if you sell their expensive products.

  1. FitnessFactory.com exclusively accepts affiliates situated in the United States.
  2. Earn over 7.5% commission on all sales
  3. 30 days Cookie duration
  4. Signup through Shareasale Affiliate Program

REP Fitness Affiliate Program

REP Fitness is a company from Denver that sells exercise equipment to people all over the world to use at home. 

They sell things like the equipment you use to lift weights, things you use to do exercises with your body weight, and things like benches and racks.

The REP Fitness affiliate program offers a tiered commission structure, which ranges from 5% to 8%, depending on the number of referrals.


Why Should You Sell REP Fitness Affiliate Program

If more people use the special link that REP Fitness gives you, you will get more money when they buy things. 

They will give you a special link that only you have. 

When people use that link to buy things, they get money. When you join the program, they also give you a special discount that only you can use.

  1. Only for US-based Affiliates
  2. Earn 5% to 8%, commission depending on the number of referrals.
  3. 30 days cookie duration

Pros on High ticket fitness affiliate programs


High-ticket fitness affiliate programs have several advantages for affiliates. Some of the key pros include:

High commission rates: High-ticket fitness affiliate programs typically offer higher commission rates than low-ticket programs. 

This means that affiliates can earn more money per sale, which can be particularly beneficial if you're able to generate a steady stream of sales.

Higher average order value: High-ticket fitness affiliate programs typically have a higher average order value (AOV) than low-ticket programs. 

This means that each sale you generate will be worth more money, which can help you earn more commission.

Longer cookie periods: Many high-ticket fitness affiliate programs offer longer cookie periods than low-ticket programs. 

This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link but doesn't make a purchase right away, you'll still earn a commission if they complete a purchase within the cookie period.

Access to high-quality products: High-ticket fitness affiliate programs typically offer access to high-quality products from well-known and respected brands. 

This can help you build trust with your audience and increase the likelihood of making a sale.

Potential for recurring commissions: Some high-ticket fitness affiliate programs offer recurring commissions, which means that you can earn a commission each time a customer makes a recurring purchase. 

This can help you generate passive income over time.

Cons High ticket fitness affiliate programs

Here are some potential cons of high-ticket fitness affiliate programs:

Limited audience: High-ticket fitness equipment and products are often more expensive, which means that the target audience may be limited to those with a higher disposable income. 

This can reduce the potential pool of customers, and therefore limit your earning potential.

Competitive market: Due to the high commission rates, high-ticket fitness affiliate programs are often more competitive, which can make it harder to stand out from the crowd and attract customers.

Longer sales cycle: High-ticket items typically require more consideration and research before a customer is ready to make a purchase. 

This can result in a longer sales cycle, which can be frustrating for affiliates who want to see results quickly.

Higher expectations: Since high-ticket products come with a higher price tag, customers may have higher expectations for the quality and performance of the product. 

If the product doesn't meet their expectations, it can result in negative feedback or reviews, which can harm your reputation as an affiliate.

More complex products: High-ticket fitness products can be more complex and require more detailed explanations, which can make it more challenging to promote effectively. 

You may need to invest more time in researching and understanding the products before you can effectively market them to your audience.


Q: What is a high-ticket fitness affiliate program?

A: A high-ticket fitness affiliate program is a program that offers a high commission rate on the sale of expensive fitness products, such as home gym equipment, exercise machines, or specialized fitness programs.

Q: How much commission can I earn with a high-ticket fitness affiliate program?

A: The commission rates vary from program to program, but typically range from 5% to 20% of the sale price. Some programs offer a fixed dollar amount for each sale.

Q: What are the benefits of promoting high-ticket fitness affiliate programs?

A: The main benefit is the potential for high earnings due to the high price of the products being sold. 

Additionally, promoting high-ticket items can attract a more motivated and affluent customer base.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to promoting high-ticket fitness affiliate programs?

A: Yes, the main drawback is that the high price point of the products being sold may limit the number of potential customers, reducing the overall volume of sales. Additionally, the higher price point may make it more difficult to convert customers, requiring more effort and a longer sales cycle.

Q: How do I promote high-ticket fitness affiliate programs?

A: You can promote high-ticket fitness affiliate programs through various marketing channels, such as social media, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising. 

It's important to create high-quality, informative content that speaks to the needs and concerns of your target audience, and to build trust and credibility with your audience over time.

How to Find High-Ticket Affiliate Programs in Your Niche?

There are many good programs that you can work with to sell expensive things and make more money. 

If you want to have a lot of different things to sell to your customers, you need to know how to find these programs.

Here are some ways to find good programs that you can work with:

Look on Google for things related to what you want to sell.

Go to popular websites and look for a page that talks about how you can work with them.

Join websites that have many programs you can work with.

Email a company you want to work with and ask if they have a special program just for you.


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