Earn Over 10k Every Month Making Product Review Theme Page On Instagram

Have you ever seen those videos on Instagram where people talk about new gadgets or stuff they like?

Well, those people make a lot of money by doing that! 

They earn money from companies or businesses that want them to talk about their products, and they also get money when people buy stuff using special links they share.

This blog contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we may earn a small commission. But this does not result in any additional costs for you. Read Our Full Disclaimer

With millions of active users on the platform, Instagram offers a powerful opportunity to showcase your expertise, engage with a loyal audience, and earn a substantial income.

In this article, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a successful product review theme page on Instagram that can generate $10K every month online.

Getting Started With Join An Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing lets you earn commissions by promoting other people's products. Here's how it works for Instagram product reviews:

When you join any affiliate program you get a link. Then, when you make a video showing off the best product, you can put that link in the video.

If someone watches your video and buys the product using your link, those affiliate network gives you some money as a commission!

But before we can get our affiliate link, we need to sign up for the affiliate network.

For example, we join the Amazon Affiliate program.

Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate program that offers a wide range of products and the best commission rates (up to 10%, depending on the product category).

Signing up is free, and you can find all the details on Amazon Associates: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ website.

It's easy! We go to their website, fill out our information, and wait for them to approve our account.

Here Are Some Key Things To Remember About Affiliate Programs Or Links:

  • Commission Rates: Different product categories have different commission rates. Do some research to find niches with high-commission products.
  • Affiliate Link Restrictions: You can't directly add clickable links to your Instagram posts or Reels we'll cover a solution for this later.

Create A Linktree Account for Posting Affiliate Links 

Since you can't embed clickable links in your Instagram posts or videos, you'll need a way to direct viewers to your affiliate links.

This is where Linktree comes in.

Linktree is a free service that allows you to create a landing page with multiple links.

You can include your affiliate links for all the products you've reviewed in your videos, and viewers can access them all from your Instagram bio link.

To get started with Linktree, all you have to do is create an account with them then, you can add all your affiliate links there.

It's like having a little store where people can pick what they like.

This way, even though Instagram doesn't let us put affiliate links directly in our Instagram bio, we can still help people find the products we're talking about and earn some money while we're at it!

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Method 1: Using Videos From TikTok Or Any Other Network

The first method we'll find existing product review videos and edit them to use our content. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

Finding Downloadable Product Videos

There are many sources for product review videos, including YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

Keep in mind that copyright laws apply; we've shared a solution for this later.

For example, we use TikTok to find our videos.

Downloading Videos:

Once you've found some great product videos, you'll need to download them, but make sure that the same product is available on Amazon there are many free online tools available for this, such as Inflact Video Downloader or SnapTik to download watermark-free videos (for TikTok videos).

Pro Tip: If TikTok isn't available in your region, you can use a Free VPN to access it. 

After you download the videos, go to this website and upload each video to remove any extra information or metadata that might be attached to it. 

This is important because there is a chance that your video might have already been uploaded to Instagram by someone else.

If you have little money to spend or you don't want to make the video yourself, you can hire this service on Fiverr. They're skilled at making the best affiliate videos that get converted into sales.

You want to make sure that your video looks different and unique to the Instagram algorithm if it doesn't, your video won't get promoted, and you won't get any views.

Editing Downloaded Videos With Free Video Editing Tool

Now open Canva or any other free video editing tool and upload your video.

Most product review videos will have a voiceover explaining the product.

You can easily remove this using the editing tools in Canva.

After removing the voiceover, you can record your own, generate a new voiceover using Elevenlabs.io based on a script or use famous background music or song.

If there's a watermark, you can cut it out or cover it with your watermark. Next, add text to your video using the Canva text section and write "link in the bio" where viewers can buy the products you're showing.

If there's a watermark, you can cut it out or cover it with your watermark.

Next, add text to your video using the Canva text section and write "link in the bio" where viewers can buy the products you're showing. 

By combining multiple short videos, you can create a unique video that keeps viewers interested then, you download the video and search for the products on Amazon.

If you find similar products, you copy their links or use other e-commerce sites to find similar products.

Method 2: Creating AI-Generated Animated Videos

Now, let's talk about the best way to make unique videos using artificial intelligence (AI)! We need three things to create and live our video. 1. script, 2. voiceover, or 3. animated characters, influencer. 

Script Writing For AI-Generated Videos

If you're good at writing scripts, just write one for yourself. But if you need help, you can use a tool called Google Gemini AI or Claude AI to type this prompt like "Please write me a script for a product review YouTube short video. Make it engaging and convincing so people want to buy the product."

Then, you add all the details about the product copied from the Amazon product page.

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Google Gemini will give you a script that you can use for your video. But remember, you should make some changes to make it more unique and engaging.

Creating Free Animated Characters For Videos

Now, let's make animated characters for our video. You can use Adobe Express for this.

It's free, and give credit to create as many videos as you want. In Adobe Express, you'll find lots of characters to choose from.

If you have money to spend on making videos, you can also use paid tools like heygen.com, artflow.ai, or others.

But for now, I'll stick with Adobe Character. I'll pick one character for my video.

dding Voiceovers And Lip-Syncing With AI Tools

Now, we need to add a voiceover track to make the character's lips sync with the words, you can either record your voice directly here or upload a recording.

Next, let's create a voiceover track using Elevenlabs.io or any other AI voiceover tool.

Copy the script and paste it then, choose a voice that matches your character Click on "generate" and download the track.

Now, let's upload the voiceover track.

It might take a while to generate, so while we wait, let's gather some product images and videos.

Go back to the Amazon product page and save all the images.

We'll also need to take videos, but we can't download them directly.

So, we'll use any Free screen recorder app to record them.

You can completely skip the video-making parts by hiring an expert on Fiverr they've skilled at making the best affiliate videos that increase your sales.

Once we have everything, our video will be ready to go!

Editing the Final Video With Free Tool

Now, let's move on to our final step: editing.

You can use any free editing tool, but I'll use Capcut for this demonstration.

First, open Capcut and upload all the product images, videos, and character videos.

Also, import a background video, which you can find in Canva.

Add the background video to the timeline, then add the character video on top of it.

To remove the green screen, click on the cutout option and choose a green color using the Color Picker. 

Adjust the strength and shadows until the background is completely removed.

Next, arrange all the images and videos on the upper layer.

You can even add animation to the images to make them more interesting.

Then, add text using any template and write about the product.

Don't forget to include the product link in the description or bio.

Once you're done editing, click on export and export the video in 60 FPS.

And that's how you can create multiple reels using this free AI tool.

Monetization And Sponsorship Opportunities

Okay, now that we've figured out how to make awesome videos, let's talk about how to earn big money from them!

Firstly, we've got the Amazon affiliate program.

Remember when we signed up for that? Every time someone buys something using our affiliate link, Amazon gives us a little bit of money as a commission.

We can also get sponsorships from businesses who want us to sell their products in our videos. They'll pay us to do it!

Now, it's important, to be honest with our viewers when we make these sponsored videos we should always tell them if a video is sponsored.

As more people watch our videos, we might be able to get even better deals with sponsors and earn even more money!

So, with the Amazon affiliate program and sponsorships, we've got some pretty cool ways to make money from our videos.

And it's all because of our hard work and creativity.

Learn how to earn over $5000 or more from Instagram with less than 500 followers


We've learned a lot today about making videos on Instagram that show off cool gadgets and products

There are two main ways we can do this.

Videos we find on TikTok and tweak them a bit, or we can use Free tools to create our videos with artificial intelligence.

Using both methods, we can make all sorts of exciting content that our followers will love.

And, if we work with the Amazon affiliate program and sponsors, we can earn big money from these videos.

But remember, it's not just about making money.

It's also about sharing our love for cool gadgets and products with others.


Earning Disclaimer: Reading this article is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. There is a lot of hard work involved, the methods or ideas we give aren't promises of any earnings it's only for education purposes, how much you earn completely depends on you. We don't claim or guarantee that any idea, product, or service we publish on this website will make you rich quickly.

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